Softwares Complementing Analysis on Neuromag System

I developed softwares which complements analysis on Neuromag System.
You can freely download and use them at your own risk.
The author is never responsible for any results.

Software which enables CT images on MriLab
Software which converts FIFF file into matrix processing software, Matlab's binary MAT file.
Software which converts FIFF file into matrix processing software, Scilab's binary DAT file.
Software for epilepsy analysis (hns_meg). for ISACM 2013 hands-on

Stand-alone softwares built with MATLAB (R2013a) compiler
These softwares run with Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) v81 and you must download MCR v81 (R2013a) at MathWorks website. If you have already installed MCR v81 (R2013a), you need not reinstall MCR v81.

Fiff2MatFile built with MATLAB R2013a

hns_meg built with MATLAB R2013a
Raw fiff viewer designed for analysis of neuromagnetic discharges. The hns_meg has following functions
raw fiff viewer snap1 snap2
waveforms overlaied on brain mesh snap3
time frequency analysis overlaid on brain mesh snap4
quasi gradient magnetic field topography snap5
For details, refer

Hashizume A, Kurisu K, et al.
Develeopment of a Freeware for Analysis of Neuromagnetic Epileptic Discharges.
Hiroshima J.Med.Sci 59(2):21-25,2010

DICOMviewer_2.exe (file size 676kB)
This software converts DICOM images with 16 bit format into those with 8 bit format. This is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, and XP. This program recognizes GE's DICOM file, but not Hitachi's files.

CT images are loaded and displayed.

Neuromag's images software, MriLab recognized CT iamges.

Fiff2MatFile_4.exe (file size 386kB)
This software converts Neuromag's FIFF file into MathWorks's matrix processig software, Matlab's MAT file. This works on Microsoft Windows XP and Window's version Matlab.

Fiff2MatFile loaded a FIFF file and showed its content.
Matlab recognized the MAT file converted by Fiff2MatFile and showed main contents of FIFF file as variables.
ChInform is information on channel position and direction, ExamDate is examination date, Examinee is examinee's name (not shown if registered as patient), ChanName is channel name, CalXRnge is coefficiencies to multiply following raw_data, DigitPts is point location dizitized by POLHEMUS, PCA_... is eigenvectors of magnetic noise included in FIFF file, MEG2HEAD is conversion matrix among head coordination system defined by POLHEMUS and sensor device coordination, and its inversion matrix.

For details, refer About Fiff2MatFile.

Fiff2sci_1.exe(file size 359kB)
Scilab is a Matlab-like freeware released by INRIA (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) .This software converts Neuromag's FIFF file into Scilab's binary DAT file.
However, I found Scilab can load Matlab binary format, Mat-file directly.
loadmatfile('target Mat-file');
loads Mat-formated Fiff information on Scilab.

Fiff2Sci load a FIFF file and showed its content.
The converted DAT file were load after load('.....dat');, and the loaded variables are displayed after who_user;.

Software for epilepsy analysis, hns_meg
snapshots (SEF)